User Access Control

If enabled in the config, computers can be “owned”, i.e. the list of users of a computer (see the computer API) determines how players can interact with a computer. Specifically, only players registered as users can:

  • Change a computer's inventory.
  • Break the computer case (robots are exempt, they can always be broken, to avoid griefing).
  • Input commands on the computer, i.e. use the keyboard / click the screen.

Operators are considered to be users of all computers, even if not explicitly in the user list, meaning they can always perform the above actions on all computers. When playing a single player game the user also cannot “lock himself out”, he will always have full control over all computers.

To avoid locking yourself out by mistyping your name, only users that are online can be added to a computer's user list.

In OpenOS you can add and remove users from the shell by calling useradd USER and userdel USER respectively, where USER is the user's name.


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