Component: Screen

This component is provided by screen blocks (either when placed in the world or when installed in a robot).

Component name: screen.

  • isOn():boolean
    Returns whether the screen is currently on.
  • turnOn():boolean, boolean
    Turns the screen on. Returns whether it was off and the new power state.
  • turnOff():boolean, boolean
    Turns off the screen. Returns whether it was on and the new power state.
  • getAspectRatio():number, number
    The aspect ratio of the screen. For multi-block screens this is the number of blocks, horizontal and vertical.
  • getKeyboards():table
    The list of keyboards attached to the screen.
  • setPrecise(enabled:boolean):boolean Set whether to use high-precision mode (sub-pixel mouse event position).
    Requires Screen (Tier 3).
  • isPrecise():boolean
    Check whether high-precision mode is enabled (sub-pixel mouse event position).
    Requires Screen (Tier 3).
  • setTouchModeInverted(enabled:boolean):boolean
    Sets Inverted Touch mode (Sneak-activate opens GUI if set to true).
  • isTouchModeInverted():boolean
    Check to see if Inverted Touch mode is enabled (Sneak-activate opens GUI is set to true).