Sides API

This “API” provides a global table to allow you to refer to sides / directions by name, as opposed to their numbers. The underlying number values are identical to Minecraft's internal numbering (as well as the ForgeDirection Enum). This table serves as a two-directional look-up, so you can resolve names to numbers, but also numbers back to a human readable name. For example, has the value 1, whereas sides[1] has the string value top. A couple of aliases for the side names are available, so it's less likely to accidentally pick the wrong one. These are the basic values:

  • Bottom (bottom), Number: 0
  • Top (top), Number: 1
  • Back (back), Number: 2
  • Front (front), Number: 3
  • Right (right), Number: 4
  • Left (left), Number: 5

The following aliases are defined per default:

  • Bottom: down, negy
  • Top: up, posy
  • Back: north, negz
  • Front: south, posz, forward
  • Right: west, negx
  • Left: east, posx

Useful for setting or getting redstone outputs or inputs, for example:

local component = require("component")
local sides = require("sides")
local rs =
rs.setOutput(sides.back, rs.getInput(sides.left))