Power Converter

Converts power from other mods to the internal energy type.
The default conversion rates are:

  • BuildCraft MJ: 1:1.
  • Factorization Charge: 76.9:1
  • IndustrialCraft¬≤ EU: 2.5:1.
  • Mekanism Joules: 1:1.1 (18:1 in MC 1.6)
  • Redstone Flux: 14.3:1 (10:1 in MC 1.6)
  • Universal Electricity Joules: 1:1.
  • Simple Generators: 10:1

Note that computer cases and server racks, as well as the assembler, disassembler and charger blocks also act as power converters, i.e. you can feed power from other mods directly into those, too, at the same rates. The rule of thumb is: if it requires power to run and can operate independent of a computer (or is a computer) it can accept power.

Since there is no way to generate the mods internal energy directly at this point you'll definitely need one of these. Well, the exception is the generator upgrade for robots, but that energy can only be used by the robot with the upgrade.

The Power Converter is crafted using the following recipe: