Tank Upgrade

This upgrade provides an internal fluid tank to the robot, one per upgrade. Each tank can only store a single type of liquid at a time. When there are multiple tanks installed, one of the tanks can be selected (similar to slots in the robots inventory), and will then be used for a large number of operations.

For example, fluids are piped into / out of the selected tank when the robot is accessed externally (by pipes, such as the fluid pipes provided by BuildCraft, or Fluiducts in Thermal Expansion).

There are a number of methods provided in the Robot API that allow manipulating the fluid tanks in a similar fashion to the robot's inventory. Fluids can be sucked from or filled into tanks or the world, and can be transferred inbetween tanks, and compared against each other.

Fluids stored in a tank upgrade are kept there when the upgrade is removed. Tank upgrades therefore act as persistent fluid storage. They do not yet act as generic fluid container items, meaning they cannot be filled/drained directly by other mods. This will be added in OC 1.4.

The Tank Upgrade is crafted using the following recipe:

  • 4 x Wood Plank
  • 1 x Cauldron
  • 1 x Iron bars
  • 1 x Dispensor
  • 1 x Piston