Used to control non-component blocks, such as vanilla blocks or blocks from other mods. You will most likely also install OpenComponents to make this block more useful.

This block allows interfacing with all kinds of blocks, as long as a driver is made available to OpenComputers. For example, OpenComponents OpenComputers comes with such drivers for the vanilla Command Block and Note Block, as well as drivers for a bunch of tech mods such as BuildCraft IndustrialCraft2 and ThermalExpansion. OpenComponents OpenComputers will also allow the Adapter to interface with most ComputerCraft peripherals.

If you're a modder it's pretty easy to write a driver, you just have to implement the corresponding interface from the API and register it with OpenComputers in the init phase. Have a look at the implementation of OpenComponents, if you find the documentation in the interfaces is insufficient. Have a look at existing implementations within OpenComputers if you find the documentations in the interfaces is insufficient.

The Adapter is crafted using the following recipe: