Component: Tunnel

This component is provided by the linked card.

This card is similar to the network card's component, but as it is only point-to-point, no ports can be configured, and the connection is always open.

Component name: tunnel.

  • send(data...)
    Sends the specified data to the card this one is linked to.
  • maxPacketSize():number
    Gets the maximum packet size (config setting).
  • getChannel():string
    Gets the tunnel address of the link card. This is also available in linkChannel using an inventory controller and getting the stack from an inventory slot.
  • getWakeMessage():string
    Gets the current wake-up message. When the network card detects the wake message (a string in the first argument of a network packet), on any port and the machine is off, the machine is started. This is the same functionality also provided by robots, cases, servers, drones, and tablets.
  • setWakeMessage(message: string, [fuzzy: boolean]):string
    Sets the wake-up message to the specified string. The message matching can be fuzzy (default is false). A fuzzy match ignores additional trailing arguments in the network packet.

This card generates modem_message signals of the same format network cards do.