Component: Computer

Computers provide a couple of API callbacks. Note that these can only be called by the computer itself, or its direct neighbors (i.e. other computers that share a face with that computer). Also note that since robots cannot interact with external components they cannot start/stop/query computers, but computers can interact with robots sitting next to them.

Component name: computer.

  • start(): boolean
    Tries to start the computer. Returns true on success, false otherwise. Note that this will also return false if the computer was already running. If the computer is currently shutting down, this will cause the computer to reboot instead.
  • stop(): boolean
    Tries to stop the computer. Returns true on success, false otherwise. Also returns false if the computer is already stopped.
  • isRunning(): boolean
    Returns whether the computer is currently running.
  • beep([frequency:number[, duration:number]])
    Plays a tone, useful to alert users via audible feedback. Supports frequencies from 20 to 2000Hz, with a duration of up to 5 seconds.
  • getDeviceInfo(): table
    Returns a table of device information. Note that this is architecture-specific and some may not implement it at all.
  • crash(reason: string)
    Attempts to crash the computer for the specified reason.
  • getArchitecture(): string
    Returns the computer's current architecture.
  • isRobot(): boolean
    Returns whether or not the computer is, in fact, a robot.

Example use:

local component = require("component")
local c = -- get primary computer, e.g. self
print(c.isRunning()) -- definitely true if it's this computer
c.stop() -- basically like computer.shutdown() if it's this computer