Wireless Network Card

Information on this page is outdated. 2 tiers of wireless cards are available as of recent version. Maximum strength is 16 for tier 1 and 400 for tier 2 (default values). Wireless packets can be lost, with the chance being higher the larger is distance between sender and receiver is. On top of that, tier 1 can't receive packages from tier 2 card when the distance exceeds 16 (default values).

This is an upgrade to normal network cards that allows wireless sending of network messages in addition to normal ones.

Make sure to set the signal strength or no wireless packet will be sent, but keep in mind that sending wireless messages requires energy (configurable). The higher the strength the more energy is required to send the message. The strength is equivalent to the distance the message can travel. The hardness of blocks in the path is subtracted from the strength. Some randomness is applied to the strength.

The Wireless Network Card is crafted using the following recipe: