Component: Generator

This component is provided by the generator upgrade for robots. Generators have an internal inventory that can store one item stack of fuel items. This API allows interaction with that inventory.

Component name: generator.

  • count(): number
    The current number of fuel items still in the generator.
  • insert([count: number]): boolean[, string]
    Inserts up to the specified number of fuel items from the currently selected inventory slot into the generator's inventory. Returns true if at least one item was moved to the generator's inventory. Returns false and an error message otherwise.
    Possible error messages are:
    “selected slot does not contain fuel” if the selected slot has no item which can be burnt
    “different fuel type already queued” if there is already another type of item in the generator
    “queue is full” if there already are 64 items of that type in the generator
    - remove([count: number]): boolean
    Removes up to the specified number of fuel items from the generator and places them into the currently selected slot or the first free slot after it. Returns true if at least one item was removed from the generator's inventory, false otherwise.

Example use:

local component = require("component")
-- Assuming the generator was just added to a robot and
-- the selected slot contains one stack of coal:
local g = component.generator -- get primary generator component
print(g.count()) -- 0
g.insert(1) -- true
print(g.count()) -- 0 because the item was immediately consumed, generator is running now
print(g.count()) -- 5
g.remove() -- remove everything from the generator
print(g.count()) -- 0
g.insert() -- insert everything into the generator
print(g.count()) -- 63 (minus the one consumed in the beginning)