Provides: Geolyzer Component API

This block allows scanning its surroundings for the hardness of blocks. It's vertical range is 32 blocks up and down, so a column of height 64 in total. It operates in “columns”, e.g. when scanning at the relative coordinates (0, 0) it will scan the blocks 32 below and above (and including) the geolyzer block.

The returned values are (with some noise) the hardness values of the scanned blocks. This is useful for detecting ores (which are usually harder than stone) and for generating 'maps' that can be displayed on the Hologram Projector.

Since version 1.3.

The Geolyzer is crafted using the following recipe:


Even though the Geolyzer uses relative coordinates, it is still possible to get global coordinates of scans by using a bit of simple math.

The “noise” added to scanned areas is increased based off of distance from device. It is theoretically possible to eliminate this noise by scanning repeatedly and finding an average. (Unconfirmed, needs further testing.)