This is a stub. see Github Issue

Currently, this is but a brief description of the autorun/startup options available to users in OpenOS

/bin/rc can be used to enable boot level scripts. Hopefully in the future of openos this feature is given a pretty nice upgrade; today it is basic.

/autorun.lua (and not /home/autorun.lua) can be used for scripts to execute on drives that are automounted by the filesystem. This doesn't apply to the rootfs. This definitely could use more explanation, please note that this definitely is not what you're looking for.

/etc/profile is “sourced” (as a list of shell commands) each time the shell loads, not just every boot. (e.g. if the user types 'exit' in the shell, the shell would reload but the machine is not rebooting)

/home/.shrc is “sourced” via /etc/profile note that /etc/motd is actually run via /etc/profile

You can also create “boot” scripts (these are generally intended for system library initialization). The existing boot scripts are found in /boot, and are numbered to support load order. This system is deprecated (at least in my mind) and I would like to eventually retire this system, fair warning

I recommend editing /home/.shrc rather than /etc/profile purely for organizational purposes. Again, these files are “sourced” (as shell commands) and not “lua executed”. I'll keep further detailed walkthroughs to a ocdoc update.