Tablets are built by placing a Tablet Case into an Assembler, configuring as desired and assembling it. Tablets act as portable computers that cannot directly interact with the world - for example Redstone Cards do not work in them. A number of upgrades, however, do, such as the Sign Upgrade or the Piston Upgrade.

To force rebooting a tablet, shift-rightclick it while holding it in your hand. Unlike computers, tablets do not persist across the player holding leaving and re-entering the game. They also do not persist across the player holding the tablet changing dimensions (e.g. going to the nether or back).

Tablets can be put into a Charger to refill their energy and to access the first hard disk built into the tablet from a computer connected to the charger - in this setup, the charger will act similar to a disk drive, with the tablet being the floppy disk. This can be very useful in case you forgot to install an OS on the hard drive built into the tablet, or after bricking a tablet's OS.

Since version 1.7.3 for minecraft 1.12 Tablets can also be charged by Forge Energy compatible machines, such as Thermal Expansion's Energetic Infuser.