This page contains information for modders on migrating from the 1.2 API to the 1.3 API of OpenComputers.

There should be relatively few breaking changes, mostly additions. If you encounter something breaking that is not listed here, please add it. If you don't know how to solve it, add it anyway and ping Sangar on IRC.

Blocks / Items API

This is the biggest change. Instead of one field per provided block and item, there is now an abstraction layer that returns descriptors for blocks / items by name.

How to adjust:
ItemStack screen = li.cil.oc.api.Blocks.ScreenTier1;
ItemStack gpu = li.cil.oc.api.Items.GraphicsCardTier1;

ItemStack screen = li.cil.oc.api.Items.get("screen1").createItemStack(1);
ItemStack gpu = li.cil.oc.api.Items.get("graphicsCard1").createItemStack(1);

For the names passed to the get method, see the recipe files, they are the names of the recipes (not the OreDict names!)

Reason: This is more future proof and avoids issues such as people modifying the item stacks listed in the API. It allows adding new items without having to change the API each time.


The Instance field was decapitalized and is now named instance.

How to adjust:
CreativeTabs tab = li.cil.oc.api.CreativeTab.Instance;

CreativeTabs tab = li.cil.oc.api.CreativeTab.instance;

Reason: Sorry. OCD struck hard (it's lowercase in all the other API classes, too).

Item drivers

Item drivers now take a different parameter type in the createEnvironment method.

How to adjust:
ManagedEnvironment createEnvironment(ItemStack stack, TileEntity tileEntity) {
  return new CustomComponent(tileEntity);

ManagedEnvironment createEnvironment(ItemStack stack, Container container) {
  if (container instanceof TileEntity) {
    return new CustomComponent((TileEntity) container);
  return null;

Note that you should use the container as is (it also provides position and such) where possible, to keep your implementation future-proof.

Reason: allows more flexible use of item components, outside of tile entities. For example, this allows using item components in entity-based computers such as robots, or for portable, item-based computers.