Component: Abstract Bus

This card allows for interfacing with Stargate Tech 2's Abstract Bus system.

Component name: abstract_bus.

  • getEnabled(): boolean
    Returns whether the local bus interface is enabled.
  • setEnabled(enabled: boolean)
    Sets whether the local bus interface should be enabled
  • getAddress(): number
    Returns the local interface address. number is a 16 bit hexadecimal number (0xFFFF being a broadcast). Returns 0 if an address has not yet been set.
  • setAddress(address: number)
    Sets the local interface address. number is a 16bit hexadecimal number.
  • scan(mask: number): table
    Scans the abstract bus for attached devices and returns them in a list.
  • send(address: number, data: table): boolean
    Sends data across the abstract bus. The table data is in the form of key-value pairs, e.g.
    lua> component.abstract_bus.send(0xFFFF, { ["action"]="dial", ["address"]="Losomdeh Salothirt Erpac" })
    • See SGTech2 documentation for more info on the Abstract Bus.
  • maxPacketSize(): number
    Returns the maximum size a packet can be sent over the bus.

The abstract bus generates a signal named bus_message if a message is received. See the signals reference.