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-{{:​items:​ram1.png?​nolink&​128|}} {{:​items:​ram1.5.png?​nolink&​128|}}\\ +~~REDIRECT>​item:memory~~
-{{:​items:​ram2.png?​nolink&​128|}} {{:​items:​ram2.5.png?​nolink&​128|}}\\ +
-{{:​items:​ram3.png?​nolink&​128|}} {{:​items:​ram3.5.png?​nolink&​128|}} +
- +
-Memory (RAM) comes in five tiers, with increasing sizes (each tier's size is configurable). They fall into the three item tiers like so: {1, 1.5}, {2, 2.5}, {3, 3.5}. Memory isn't really a component, since it does not provide any Lua callbacks, but it can be installed into [[block:case|computer cases]] to increase the available RAM of the computer, which allows running more complex programs. +