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 +Grog is a highly toxic liquid, not suited for consumption. Consuming it can result in undesirable effects, and must be attempted with caution. Primarily, it is a component that is used in hard-mode recipes to make [[item:​materials|printed circuit boards]], which is a base component for many of the components in Open Computers. It is also used in crafting [[item:​nanomachines|Nanomachines]]. While under the effect of [[item:​nanomachines|Nanomachines]],​ consuming Grog will clear the player of any [[item:​nanomachines|Nanomachine]] effects. ​
 +Grog is crafted using the following recipe:
 +  * Bucket of water
 +  * Sugar
 +  * Slimeball
 +  * Fermented spider eye
 +  * Bone