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   //Wireless network cards only.//   //Wireless network cards only.//
 - `getWakeMessage():​string`  ​ - `getWakeMessage():​string`  ​
-  Gets the current wake-up message. +  Gets the current wake-up message. When the network card detects the wake message (a string in the first argument of a network packet), on any port and the machine is off, the machine is started. Works for robots, cases, servers, drones, and tablets. [[component:​tunnel|Linked Cards]] provide this same functionality
-- `setWakeMessage(message:​ string):​string` ​  +- `setWakeMessage(message:​ string, [fuzzy: boolean]):​string` ​  
-  Sets the wake-up message to the specified **string**.+  Sets the wake-up message to the specified **string**. The message matching can be fuzzy (default is false). A fuzzy match ignores additional trailing arguments in the network packet.