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Provided by Drones.

Component name: drone.

  • getStatusText():string
    Get the status text currently being displayed in the GUI.
  • setStatusText(value:string):string
    Set the status text to display in the GUI, returns new value.
  • move(dx:number, dy:number, dz:number)
    Change the target position by the specified offset.
  • getOffset():number
    Get the current distance to the target position.
  • getVelocity():number
    Get the current velocity in m/s.
  • getMaxVelocity():number
    Get the maximum velocity, in m/s.
  • getAcceleration():number
    Get the currently set acceleration.
  • setAcceleration(value:number):number
    Try to set the acceleration to the specified value and return the new acceleration.

They also share most world interaction methods with robots, e.g. detect, suck, drop, drain, fill and so on.
TODO: Insert those here.